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envormation provides science based information on the environmental impact of products and services for consumers and businesses.

Unbiased, science based environmental information is difficult to find and to discern from information which is commonly referred to as ‘greenwash’. On the other hand, a large body of science based environmental product information, such as Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), exists but it is mostly prepared for and read by academics and technical experts, not consumers.

envormation connects consumers with this body of scientific and technical environmental product information.

To help consumers understand the key environmental information about a product or service easily and quickly, envormation provides envormation summaries. Each of these envormation summaries contains a link to the original analysis or report, which the summary is based on, to enable readers to obtain all the details. We also provide envormation comments to let consumers know, who want to reduce their impact in the environment, what actions they may wish to take with regards to buying or using the product or service.

envormation is politically and commercially independent! Like independent newspapers and many web based services, we depend on revenue from sponsors, donors and advertising to help us cover our costs. However, the information we provide at envormation is not influenced by our revenue sources.

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