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What type of information is available at envormation?

envormation is based on a database of links to science based reports on the environmental footprint of products and services and summaries of these reports.

Our database contains links to various science based reports on the environmental footprint of consumer products and services, such as Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs) also known as Cradle-to-Grave analyses; carbon footprint; and water footprint analyses, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) etc. The key criterion for inclusion in our database is that the information is based on science rather than opinion. If the report is a LCA, ideally it was completed to ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006 and independently peer reviewed.

LCAs etc are typically prepared by universities, research institutes and environmental consultancies. Sometimes they are prepared by or on behalf of the supplier of the product or service. If they are prepared to ISO 14040/44:2006, the results should be reasonably robust, regardless of who funded or completed them. However, even then there is an element of interpretation.

To help you quickly identify the quality of the information (based on our views), our envormation summaries include a rating:

1 out of 3: information of limited quality. This includes supplier information which may have some scientific basis but we are not sure if the report misses key environmental information or the information is old. We have included it however because it appears to have some scientific basis and it may help you learn something about the environmental performance of the product or service.

2 out of 3: information of reasonable quality. This includes information such as summaries of LCAs (i.e. where the detailed report is not available but the summary refers to it) or environmental footprint analyses which appear to be robust but which were not completed to ISO 14040:2006.

3 out of 3: robust environmental product information. This includes LCAs prepared to ISO 14040/44:2006 and other scientific reports which have been prepared to a recognised standard and which have been independently peer reviewed.

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