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envormation comments

While envormation is all about science based facts on the environmental footprint of consumer products and services rather than personal, corporate or political views and opinions, our user feedback suggested that some commentary on the facts presented in the envormation summaries would be helpful. 

envormation comments (in the orange box on each product review, titled: “what can I do to reduce my environmental footprint?”) are visually separated from envormation summaries and written with the following principles in mind: you are interested in limiting your impact on the environment; you have little or no time to read a scientific or technical report; you want some quick suggestions as to what you could do to reduce your impact on the environment; you want any advice to be practical and based on facts, not opinion.

We welcome your feedback on our comments. If you notice an  error or believe we have not followed the above principles, we would very much appreciate to hear from you. Please contact us by clicking here.


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