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sponsors and advertisers

Sponsor envormation, an independent social enterprise without political bias, and expose your brand to a growing number of consumers looking for information on the sustainability of everyday products and services.

Unlike other environmental information providers, envormation does not only target LOHAS but, through its practical as well as casual approach, which includes advice on how to save money while being more sustainable, will reach a much bigger market. envormation is targeting LOHAS as well as the emerging number of consumers which have not had the means to obtain the level of education associated with LOHAS but which are increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment.

Other benefits to your organisation from sponsoring envormation may include:

  • staff may appreciate your organisation’s support for an environmental not-for-profit organisation;
  • sponsoring envormation may help your organisation implement its ‘Corporate Social Responsibility‘ or ‘Social License to Operate‘ strategy.

To learn more about sponsoring envormation, please contact us.

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