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Your organisation may have reduced the environmental impact of its own operation already, but how much do you know about the sustainability of your supply chain?

More and more customers choose products and services which have a minimal impact on the environment. That’s for the environmental impact of the entire production chain, from resource extraction and processing to manufacturing and distribution. In other words, customers are looking at the whole picture, not just the  contribution of your organisation to a product or service.

envormation assists organisations of all sizes and in any industry to realise this opportunity. Our services include:

  • investigation of the environmental impact of your supply chain
  • assistance to develop a procurement strategy to improve the sustainability of your supply chain
  • support to implement your sustainable supply chain strategy by working with your existing suppliers and/or to identify and investigate alternative suppliers
  • help with quantifying and communicating the environmental improvements to your supply chain.

Depending on the type, size and complexity of the job and your preferences, we can deliver the above in-house or in collaboration with your and/or our partners. We are able to work as part of a team or act as the lead provider so that you have to deal with one point of contact only.

Our particular strengths are:

  • scoping (procurement) projects
  • managing teams, which can include your staff as well as other consultants, to deliver agreed outcomes (e.g. in terms of supply chain investigations)
  • energy procurement and associated commercial/risk and environmental implications – we understand and have hands-on experience with procuring energy from most renewable and non-renewable sources
  • environmental impacts of products which require heavy industrial processes and manufacturing, such as construction and building materials but also many FMCGs.

To find out more about our capabilities and how we can assist you and your organisation, please contact us.



We do not prepare Life Cycle Analyses, Carbon and Water Footprints or other studies or reports on the environmental footprint of any consumer product or service. I.e. we will remain independent in terms of the reports we provide on the other pages of this website.


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